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UV Curing Adhesives & Lamps

OPAS (X-Lite-400) R-400

OPAS (X-Lite-400) R-400 Hand-held UV lamp is a convenient portable UV flow lamp design especially for the product that can not be placed in the UV oven or UV conveyor. It is a compact design for research and experiment institutions. The timer control button on the Hand-held part can test the curing time easily. It is good for the UV curing application such as adhesion, sealing, potting and coating.
  • Digital timer setting and alarm
  • Moveable UV lamp
  • Good cooling design
  • Compact UV lamp
Model OPAS XLite 400/TP OPAS XLite 400/TQ
Input Voltage 220-240 VAC 50/60 HZ
Lamp Power 400 W
Max. Intensity (UVA) 60-80 mW/cm2 (80 mm distance) UVA
The Peak Wavelength 365 nm 254 nm / 365 nm
Dimensions 163x154x108 mm 174x230x140 mm
Average Lamp Life 1000 hr
Timer Set 0.1sec - 999.9min
Warm Up Time 5 min
Weight 8 KG
Spare Lamp OPAS TP – UV 400W Lamp OPAS TQ – UV 400W Lamp
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