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UV Curing Adhesives & Lamps

OPAS R-90 Hand Held UV Lamp

OPAS R-90 Hand Held UV Lamp is a low lamp power UV machine with about 6 times UV intensity of sunlight when it is closed to the object because of low temperature and instant power on/off. It is made to apply for artworks and some experiment usage. The curing time requirement of R-90 is longer than the high power machine. It is recommended to use UV/Visible curable adhesives to shorten the curing time.
  • Instant lamp on/off
  • Low lamp temperature
  • Moveable lamp
  • Compact UV lamp
Model OPAS R-90
Input Voltage 110 or 220 VAC / 50,60 HZ
Lamp Power 12 W
Max. Intensity (UVA) 20 mW/cm2 (10 mm distance)
The Peak Wavelength 365 nm
Dimensions 187 x 70 x 90 mm
Average Lamp Life 500 hr
Weight 875 g (hand held part : 450 g)
Spare Lamp OPAS TA-UV 13 W lamp
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