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Laser Engraver Machine :| LEM | LEE

Laser Engraver Machine : LEM

Laser Source RF 25 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser Tube(Air-cooled) RF 60 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser Tube(Air-cooled) RF 100 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser Tube(Air-cooled)
Net Weight 200 Kgs 220 Kgs 240 Kgs
Working Area(WxD) 660.4 x 304.8 mm (26" x 12")
Maximum Part Size(WxDxT) 685.8 x 330.2 mm (27"x 13")
Overall Dimensions(WxDxH) 960(W)x765(D)x1040(H)mm
PC Communication Parallel port with supplied cable
Memory Buffer 64 MB
Focus Lens 2.0"
Engraving Speed (Max) Up to 40 inch/sec
Laser Power Control Digital laser power control with automatic proportional pulsing and color linked
Features of EZ-LASER LEM Series
  • V-guild design to make the X-axis slider moving stable and easy to assemble.
  • EZ-LASER's driver to link LEM with most popular Windows based software such as CorelDraw.
  • Vector & Raster operating mode of engraving to enable combining or independent work.
  • Reliable module design to assure easy maintenance.
  • Directly changing parameters on operation panel without sending files from computer too many times in order to get the optimum value for workpiece against time.
  • Vacuum table helps to hold down the soft/thin material to the engraving table.
  • Best for heavy duty job & any laser rubber applications.
  • Effective rubber engraving - 4 A4 sheets horizontally or 3 A4 sheets vertically.

Vacuum table helps to hold down the material to the engraving table.
Better and deeper rubber engraving ability (25w/ 60w/ 100w).
Facility Requirements
Host PC Windows 98, ME, Xp capable system
Air Assist   One exhaust blower (3/4HP), Pressure 70 mmAq, Air flow 16m3/min, with one 6" diameter hose
Rubber stamps Woodworks
Architecture models
Personalized plates
Materials Applicable
Acrylic, Anodized aluminum, Rubber, Glass, Wood, Plastics, Leather, Paper, Cardboard, Vinyl
Available Options
Honeycomb Table To minimize burning in the back side of materials
Focus Lens 1.5” For smaller laser dot
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