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Laser Cutting Machine : S2

Laser Beam 60W Sealed CO2 (USA made)
Cooling Type Air Cooling
Preview Divice Visible Red Pointer
Working Area 500mm x 500mm
500mm x 1300mm ( With Automatic Shift )
Working Heigh 740mm
Heigh Adjust N/A
Meterial Support Honey Comb Flat Bed
Blower 1/2HP Blower with 10M flex tube
Exhanter Acrylic Made Mask, Up-Down Automatic
Spot Size (1/e2) 0.5mm
Marking Speed 100mm/s~2,500mm/s
Dimension 150(W) x 130(D) x 175 (H) cm
Weight 300kg
Electric Source Single Phase 220V.50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 3000W max.


The CO2 laser soure sealed in a metal tube is made in U.S.A. Long product lifetime and high stability.
Computer system direct linkage, Chinese & English operation interface with voice prompt, sharp twised, cutting rate & speed control system.
The honey combed fabric supporting system enhances the smoothness of the fabric.


EZ-CUT II Series - LCW
Laser Source RF 60、200 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser Tube DC 100、200 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser Tube
Laser Tube Cooler 60W Air ; 200W Water Water
Net Weight 60W-390kg / 200W-400kg 100W-360kg / 200W-370kg
Working Area(WxD) 900 x 1300 mm (35.4" x 51.1")
Maximum Part Size(WxDxT) 960 x 1360 mm (37.8"x 53.5")
Overall Dimensions(WxDxH) 1,800 x 1,360 x 1,070 mm (70.8"x 53.5" x 42.1")
Motion Control CNC commands (G,M code)
PC Communication RS-232 serial port with supplied cable
Memory Buffer 2 MB
Focus Lens 2.0"
Speed (Max) Up to 45 M/min traversing, 30 M/min cutting
Laser Power Control Digital laser power control with automatic proportional pulsing and color linked
Cutting Pallet Support structure made of aluminum, minimizing damage of the reflecting light
Power Supply Single phase, 220VAC, 10 Amp, 50/60Hz
CAM Software EZ-CUT Ⅱ (Acceptable DXF/HPGL/CNC code files )
Features of EZ-CUT Ⅱ LCW Series
EZ-CUT II to "Pre-fetch" small line segments and produce arcs for quick cutting.
  • Path order to be assigned both automatically and manually.
  • EZ-CUT II CAM software to work with most popular Windows based software such as AutoCAD.
  • Tilt hopper & part-catch drawer design to collect the cutting workpieces conveniently.
  • Reliable module design to assure easy maintenance.
  • Durable A.C. servo motor to have high-speed motion control.
  • Easy-swap module design to assure maintenance promptly.

Smoothly sliding design on honey-comb to swap at instant.
Air-assist combining adjustable focus system in coaxial jet air to prevent cutting edge from burning down.

Pass-through design to stretch long workpieces in Y-axis direction.

Touch panel unit to allow the input of laser parameters, diagnosis of laser devices and convenient operation of laser machine.
On-lined Color CCD capture (Optional)to adjust the cutting position automatically & monitor the cutting status on time.
Facility Requirements
Host PC Windows 98, ME, Xp capable system
Air Assist Gas tank or Compressor to provide dry air, 20Lit/min, 5 Bar, with 8mm diameter hose
Exhaust System One exhaust blower (2HP), Pressure 120/150 mmAq, Air flow 24/30m3/min, with one 6" diameter hoses
External Chiller
(100W Laser Tube)
DI water, 12000 BTU(R.F. 100W) or 3000 BTU(D.C. 100W) or 6000 BTU(D.C. 200W); Cooling capability: Flow rate>5 Lit/min
Acrylic Display Marquetry
Embroidery and Textile
Router Template Stencils
Plastic Fabrication
Architecture models
Photo Frame
2D Prototypes

Materials Applicable
Acrylic, Veneer, MDF board, Wood, Plywood, Masonite , Rubber, Vinyl, Foam, Nylon, Cloth, Textile, Polycarbonate, Fabric, Chipboard, Cardboard, Paper, ABS, Polyester, PP, Leather
Available Options
Honeycomb Table To minimize burning in the back side of materials
Beam Expander To get similar laser dot whether far or near point on workpiece
Focus Lens 3.0" To cut the thick workpieces
CCD Capture To adjust the cutting position automatically & monitor the cutting status on time
Compressor To provide flowing jet air for Air-assist
Dry Air Machine To prevent focus lens from humid damage while laser beam pass through
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