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Product information

Features and Functions
  • MAXI-C 1325SE-T-V is a cost effective CNC Router with simple ATC and configured height quality spare parts
  • Italian HSD spindle and Panasonic servo motors
  • Bakelite vacuum table with strong absorbability
  • Smart protection work table: To prevent the misuse or software errors cause damage to the table. Intelligent cross-border protection prevents the mechanical collision caused by design layout format over the working table
  • Syntec control system, auto complete multi-level 3D processing. It could deal with smooth three dimensional processing ,engraving ,cutting . And can be realized offline operation
  • Whole welding structure with tempering aging treatment and strong enough .Movable gantry. Fixed working table .Free to work on the material on the table.
  • Woodworking: wood panel ,three-dimensional wave board processing .screen , handicraft fan window processing. Cutting ,engraving,routing,drilling on cabinet doors, solid wood door, complex wood door, Paint-free door.
  • Other Industry: make building models, wood mold, air wooden mold, propeller, automotive foam mold. Shaping three-dimensional surfaces such as violin, erhu musical instruments and so on
  • Pattern carving, calligraphy tablet design and frame sculpture.
  • Spindle:Italian 9.0 KW HSD air cooling ATC spindle
  • Servo System:Japanese Panasonic Servo drivers and motors
  • Inverter:Taiwanse Delta Inverter
  • Vacuum Pump:MAXICAM Dry oil-free type Vacuum Pump,Graphite sheet Bearing
  • seal component and High Temperature Lubricants imported from Germany.
  • Electronic Parts:German Schneider Electronic Spare Parts
  • Switch:Japanese OMRON Switch
  • Linear Rail:Taiwanese Square HIWIN Linear Rail
  • Cable:MAXICAM Highly flexible towline-only Cable Imported fire-resistant double-sheathed、Could be bent 300 000 times
  • Controller System :Taiwanese SYNTEC controller system
Technical Parameter


Fumction Index



Working Area X 1500 mm. <= 2000 mm
Y 3000 mm. <= 5500 mm
Z 200 mm. <= 450 mm
Table Size   1575 * 3640 mm  
Precision Table structure Vacuum table T-Shot Vacuum table
Working Precision 0.04 mm  
Repositioning accuraty 0.05 mm  
Transmission Transmission way of X,Y l X,Y With HIWIN Liner rail  
Z Z With. Bell screw  
Speed MAX travelling speed 45000 mm/min  
MAXI Working speed 20000 mm/min  
Spindle spindle power HSD 9.0 KW  
spindle sepeed 0-24000 r/min  
Drive   Panasonic servo  
Working Voltage   AC380V/50HZ AC380V/60HZ
Command Code   G code  
Operating System   Syntec  
Net weight   1400 Kg.  
Gross weight   1700 Kg.  

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