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DX- 40A

Product information

Stand Feature
  • Adopting advanced DSP numerical control system, operated with the handle,
    large screen displays, convenient operation, simper maintenance, designed
    with more human nature.
  • Unique intelligent calculation fully develops the potential of the engine and
    leads to high processing speed, the synchronization of curves and straight
    lines, smoother curves.
  • Unique and dynamic renewal of the system enables the customer according to
    different processing requirements to change the controlling ability of the
    system, effectively improves the pro cessing effectively improves the
    processing efficiency (Please start the operation with the instructions of the
    technician from the factory or agent).
  • 32M saving capacity can store 30 processing files simultaneously and read
    one at random.
  • Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be
    transmitted in asecond,supports hot plug and play in if is able to go on
    engraving when the electricity is cut or the tool is broken
  • More compatible:It is compatible with such CAD/CAM software liketype3/artcam/castmate/proe/UG/wentai software,etc, I is able to go on engraving when the electricity is cut or the tool isbroken.
  • Excellent two-bolt pole made in Germany and slide-ways iported Japan or
  • Large power engfaving spindle.
Technical Specification
Type: DX-40A
Working Area: 520 * 420mm
Travel of Engraving: 350 * 250 * 80mm
Maximum Speed: 6000mm/min
Engraving Spindle: Inverter 1100W
Rotational Speed of Spindle: 6000-24000rpm
Manner of Receiving Data : USB
Memory : 32M
Format of Instructions : G code or HPGL
Cutter :


Power Supply : AC220V/50HZ
Electric Power : 400W
Weight : 340Kg


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