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Auto bending machine:


Bending machine is widely used for bending the materials like acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP. The machine bends the materials into different angles by heating up the materials with single or multi tube heaters. This machine is fast and precise. Working platforms are cooled by water cooling system for the best result, highest efficiency and precise angle forming. The adjustable temperature works out for different materials correctly without over heating causing bubbles and undesirable curves. This is an ideal machine for the acrylic and plastic works.


1、Height adjustable device for bottom heater
2、Adjustable heating width
3、Digital thermostat for bottom heater
4、Water cooling bending table
Product Chart
Model Main Power Input Power Bending Limit Cooling Systems(advantages) Dimension N.W.
BT-1200AC 220V 50-60Hz 1x1000W tube heater 3x3000W tube heaters Length : unlimitedWidth : 126cm Use of industrial compressor cooling
system, the ttemperature of the
working platform is
adjustable between
5°C-25°C. The cool
working platform
hence allows the
products to form
quickly and nicely
achieving much
shorter processing
time and best forming for the very best result
and highest fficiency.
160x40x110(cm) 200KG
BT-1800AC 380V 50-60Hz 1x1500W tube heater 3x4500W tube heaters Length : unlimitedWidth : 186cm 220x40x110(cm) 270KG
BT-2400AC 380V 50-60Hz 1x2000W tube heater 3x6000W tube heaters Length : unlimitedWidth : 240cm 280x40x110(cm) 290KG
BT-1200V With Vacuum pump 220V 50-60Hz 1x1000W tube heater 3x3000W tube heaters Length : unlimitedWidth : 126cm 160x40x110(cm) 200KG

Cooling Vacuum Pump

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